Rosa del Duca is a writer, journalist and musician. A California transplant, she grew up in
Montana, where she joined the National Guard at 17. 
Four years later she was fighting to declare herself a conscientious objector. That tumultuous time is the subject of several published essays and a memoir she is seeking representation for.  It's also the focus of a podcast from Canada's answer to This American Life: The Lapse.  Take a listen here.

Creative nonfiction is only one of Rosa's passions. On the fiction side, she is putting the finishing touches on her first novel, which focuses on a television reporter yanked from the fluff beat and assigned to a disturbing kidnapping case in the Central Valley. Rosa also fronts the folkpop band we.are.hunters., which performs regularly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and which is gearing up to record a third album. When she's not writing songs or stories, Rosa writes and produces the news at NBC Bay Area.


In June 2013
 Rosa set off on the American West Happiness Tour
with Nicholas Leither. The tour combined a series of performances with the
search for a new, collective, deeper meaning to the word "happiness." While
the formal tour is over, the search is ongoing. Feel free to join in here.