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Rosa del Duca is a writer, journalist and musician. A California transplant, she grew up in Montana, where she joined the National Guard at 17 years of age. Four years later she was fighting to declare herself a conscientious objector. That tumultuous time is the subject of several published essays and a memoir she is seeking representation for. It is also the focus of a podcast from Canada's answer to This American Life: The
Lapse. Take a listen here.

On the fiction side, Rosa is polishing her first novel, which focuses on a television reporter yanked from the fluff beat and assigned to a disturbing kidnapping case in the Central Valley. 

Rosa also fronts the folk rock band Hunters, which recently released a third album, We All Go Up the Mountain Alone Together:

In November of 2015 she released her second solo album, Love Letters:

When she's not writing songs or stories, Rosa writes and produces the news at NBC Bay Area.