Rosa del Duca

Rosa del Duca is a writer, journalist, teacher and musician. She grew up a tomboy in rural Montana, where she joined the Army National Guard at seventeen. During her time in uniform, she became not only a conscientious objector, but a feminist and unlikely rebel. That tumultuous time is the focus of her award-winning memoir, Breaking Cadence: One Woman's War Against the War, and her companion podcast, Breaking Cadence: Insights From a Modern-Day Conscientious Objector.

Rosa earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Saint Mary's College of California. Her shorter creative work has been published in CALYX, River Teeth, Cutbank, Grain, the Los Angeles Review, and other literary magazines. When she’s not writing creatively, Rosa is teaching, working as a freelance journalist, or playing music.

While a solo singer-songwriter at the moment, Rosa founded the band Hunters with Will Decher in 2011. Over the course of five years they put out three albums: White Lies, Treeline and We All Go Up the Mountain Alone Together. Her solo album is Love Letters.

Rosa lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her writer, professor, and craftsman husband, Nicholas Leither, and their two young children.

Praise for Breaking Cadence:

"A page-turner, a gripping blow-by-blow account of how Rosa del Duca's immersion in military culture comes to a crisis point when her conscience awakens." -- Glen David Gold, author of Carter Beats the Devil

"It’s hard to believe that a 17-year-old who can’t vote or drink can go to war. Del Duca’s experience as one of those teens — who joined the National Guard to pay for college and then finds herself on the verge of being sent to fight a war she thinks is morally wrong — is as harrowing as they come." --Julia Scheeres, author of NYT bestseller Jesus Land and A Thousand Lives

"Honest, beautifully-written, and immensely compelling. Among many other things, it is a vital chronicle of military service, and of the young Americans who volunteer into it." --Matthew Zapruder, author of Why Poetry and Sun Bear

"Rosa del Duca is a beautiful storyteller as she unravels the ugly truths about good intentions twisted and used by a violent and careless system." --Jodie Evans, co-founder and director of CODEPINK

"A tribute to the notion that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. In her intense, revelatory and liberating transformation from teen military recruit to conscientious objector, we follow del Duca as she navigates her contradictory emotions that puts her on a collision course with the most powerful institution in the world. " --Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK

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